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Ravi Shardul

The purpose

About Us – I have been writing articles about the Health, movie, and sports on social media platforms for a few years now. Always treated it as a hobby and never thought of taking it to next level. I realised that the information, knowledge of any topic can be useful for a lot of entities out there. Just like a movie analysis from a friend or an expert can help people making the decision to watch or not. Similarly, an information about the health can be useful for someone who has health issues.

A data about any particular place that you visit can be helpful for someone who is interested in going there in the near future. The power of a good content can be indefinite and very impactful. If you have skills and information about some topic then why not express it and help others? It is not even necessary sometimes to have that skill. As long you share the knowledge you have an impact in various ways to the individuals or the society.

Our Mission

There are a lot of enthusiastic individuals out there who wish to express but can’t do so due to an absence of the right platform. It’s about having the luxury the platform where you can be vocal about your inner thoughts and bring it in front of the world.  If you have skills and information about any topic then why not express it and help others through your knowledge?  This was the motivation behind building Expreesmenow platform.


This platform encourages and offers an opportunity to every blogger to come and write anything about it. Blogger doesn’t mean one has to be really professional in writing and has the understanding of all the SEO advertising. You learn these skills through the journey of writing. Do you know that once you become proficient enough in writing articles, you can even get the living out of it? There are a lot of websites that pay you for writing blogs for them. Obviously, it’s not that easy to get signed up for these websites and start making money as it demands some discipline in your writing to be recognised and awarded. This is where can be a really good platform for the beginners.

We have tried to comprise every category on this site so you can choose your subject and express it. There is no maximum limit on words how much can you write (minimum being 300). It’s about expressing yourself. As long as your content is not harmful and disrespectful to any person, society, religion or culture, you are free to express. Your article will be published in the category whichever applies to.

There are different categories that you are welcome to express about, Business, Computers/the internet, Food, Education, Entertainment, Employment, Health, Home & Garden, Motivation, Relationships, Sports, Travel or any other category that you want to express. If your category doesn’t show up on our website, we are happy to include that in our database.

Please don’t forget to spread the word about us. Have a great day!

Ravi Shardul