Salman + Eid = Entertainment. This has become a biological equation for many years now. Tubelight is based on an inspirational concept that, if you have a faith, you can shake mountains. Just keep the faith and have patience, it will strike one day. But the problem is that this Tubelight never strikes. All it does is grinds you throughout and tests your patience. The far-fetched concepts like this need a lot of conviction to lay on the screen. Rajkumar Hirani has done that through Munnabhai series and PK. Rajamouli showed through Egga and Magadheera, even Manmohan Desai in 80’s. Kabir khan fails the trick completely.

After giving 2 diverse subjects with Ek tha Tiger and Bajrangi Bhaijaan with Salman Kabir Khan was expected to dive into something different territory. But instead, he seems to like so much lost in his last creation Bajrangi that, he keeps drawing references from the superhit dictionary of his own. He just doesn’t stop there. These references can be found in music pattern, locations a

Salman Khan iin Tubelight
Tubelight Movie

nd story crafted around the new concept. Looks like he is trying to serve the same old food in a different dish. You can see lots pick and paste from Lage raho Munnabhai, Classic cult Sadma, a bit of Krish and some other movies. Even the main concept is picked from 2015 unsuccessful Hollywood flick This looks like complete mess up of an inspirational idea. The great concept can’t lift the movie if the main plot is so weak. Jai Ho was a recent example for Salman himself.


Never ever I thought of walking out or waiting for it to finish for any other Salman movie. This was to me, ‘an utter disappointment at its peak’ by his standards. No doubt that he has grown by leaps bounds in his acting department off late, but can’t save the sinking ship as it was never built to last long. The movie was apparently chopped by 15 minutes a week before its release. That also didn’t end up as a saving grace.

It doesn’t mean it’s a complete washout, but going by his own bar what Salman has raised in last 10 years, it is! There are moments of cherishing, but they are very few and far in between. Although, there are few good things to mention, such as landscape and the camerawork, its top class which is also picked from his successful Bajrangi Template. These are just 2 things that somehow make the 2 hr and 24 minutes little bit watchable.

Dear Salman, this one was a colossal disappointment; even for majority Salman fans!(my guess) Hope to see real you in Tiger sequel.

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