Top 10 Bollywood film of 2018

The journey of Indian films has been started in 1913 by Raja Harishchandra silent film. That time Indian movie making technology was not so good and in 1931 Indian first sound based film Alam Ara had released. This film were very successful that time. Many talented Indian actor gave her/his best to Indian cinema. Now […]

Secret Superstar

The best movie of the year is here… Not to anyone’s surprise, in ‘Secret Superstar’ Aamir Khan surprises you with another superlative creation. His script sense is probably the best in the industry. As usual, the winner is the script and performances of every character. ‘Secret Superstar’ is a winner of the year and it […]

And Salman Khan disappoints!

Salman + Eid = Entertainment. This has become a biological equation for many years now. Tubelight is based on an inspirational concept that, if you have a faith, you can shake mountains. Just keep the faith and have patience, it will strike one day. But the problem is that this Tubelight never strikes. All it […]