Why follow passion?

There is no denying that to achieve success in life is a dream we all have. We try to follow different paths for achieving success. Make different definitions of success, and work on different formulas to achieve success. However, one thing that we often forget is that success is directly proportional to following one’s passions. It is extremely important to follow your passions enthusiastically. If you choose a career in what you love doing then it is very likely that you will succeed. I can say this by my own experience. There are millions of examples like me out there.

The definition of success may vary from one person to the other, but usually, it centres around money. It is not surprising to see in a capitalist world that success is gauged by how much money one can earn. I have a different and perhaps more realistic definition of success. ‘A success is a measure of satisfaction which is achieved by obtaining something desirable.’

The rule is simple: the more you follow your passions the more contented you become and hence the more successful you are. Another side of it is that money is something that comes along if you achieve your passions. So, it is advisable not to run after money, but run after your dreams and money will follow you.

Choose your own path that you love to walk on

What is the passion?

Unfortunately, the word passion has been so overused that it has perhaps lost its effect. It is a powerful word. By passion I am referring to the strong tendency one has towards something in their lives. You may be passionate about food, clothes, sports, finance, etc. Passion is a very strong, enthusiastic feeling. When combined with consistent efforts, it can result in huge success. Not just a success but the highest level of satisfaction. Passion also makes you well equipped to fight the odds that come your way.

I migrated from India to Australia 13 years ago as a mechanical person with a dream of landing somewhere in the job that I could utilise my passion. I was passionate about few things and they were… communication (Love talking to different people), marketing and negotiation skills. I just kept pushing for it until I could and kept waiting for my opportunity. The hurdles like a non-English background, or no university degree or no previous experience never bothered me. Eventually, I got it and I have been living that dream for 6 years now.

How to find your passion?

Your interests do change from time to time. The best way to find what my passion is to ask yourself these questions…

  • What is that activity that makes you happy?
  • Which activity doesn’t make you feel tired despite doing it all day?
  • Which is that thing/activity,  you don’t mind spending money?
  • Find what is it that you fear about losing?

Whats next?

Write down the lists of interests that you have. You may few different interests or passions and that’s absolutely ok. The best way to deal with this situation is to write them down all. Combine these interests and try to find the common factors in all of them. See where these passions intersect with each other. Find where the centre point is.  That’s where your sweetest spot is. That’s where all the multiple streams of curiosity come together in the space called passion. To me, that’s your true passion.

putting multiple interests together
Find that intersection of multiple interests meet together

Once you figured out what is your passion, find a way to turn that passion into a purpose.  The purpose with which you can help others. Look around in the society. Find the problem that we all are facing today. Then try to offer a solution with the help of your passion. This is what the mechanism all the successful people follow. Take any athlete, Businessman or an artist on the earth. You will see that the same principles have been applied.


No need to go too far in history. We have a number of fresh examples from the lives of real people to support our claim. The ex CEO of Apple Company was a great promoter of chasing one’s passions. He once said, “People with passion can change the world for the better.”  He would advise people to do what they love. In his case too, he said, a passion made a huge difference. In an article based on an interview with Steve Jobs states passion as the first principle of success.

We cannot talk about social media today without mentioning Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, a 33-year old billionaire is another example of people who followed their passions and reached the heights of success. In a book titled, “The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of The Company That is Connecting the World,” Kirkpatrick states that according to Zuckerberg; passion is one of the ingredients of success. He states that even if you don’t get money, you would be doing something that you love. See the video above where he talks about the importance of, ‘Follow your passion’

No point wasting our time doing the things that we don’t love, just to please the people you don’t like. Following your passion may not give you the ultimate success financially but it will definitely give the satisfaction. Afterall, no matter how much money you earn what matters is, ‘Are you happy?’

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