Most Glamourous V Most unpredictable

How vague is that! India-Pakistan meet twice in the same tournament. It has never happened in the big tournament before but the organisers and cricket fans across the globe have been offered this delicious dish! Maybe surprisingly. I am sure the upset English fans who bought their final tickets in advance and were disappointed when England lost, would be laughing for last three days as they would be making fortunes by selling their tickets for the real high price. Just like what happened at this year’s Australian Open when Roger and Nadal reached finals to many people’s surprise.

India v Pakistan

Two weeks ago, nobody would have believed Pakistan would be playing in the Champions Trophy finals. Not even most of the Pakistani cricket fans! The two wins against South Africa and Sri Lanka were backed by comprehensive victory against the hot favorite England. They might not have a single batsman in top five highest scorers in the tournament, but do have two blowers in top 5 leading wickets takers in the tournament. That is the reason that they haven’t allowed anyone except India to go past 300 mark. Fielding standards also have improved (at least temporarily) as they progressed through the competition. Although it is never guaranteed that they maintain that rhythm given their ancient fickleness. But that’s what makes them dangerous at any stage against any team in the world. The arrival in the finals may be quiet and surprising but the fact is that they are here and ready to encounter. And when it comes to playing India at any stage of the tournament; it’s more than a war for both countries.

On the other hand, India has been doing exactly what was expected according to the script with the exceptions of Sri Lanka loss. It was probably a good loss that shuddered them and woke them up just to remind what is expected from them. The batting order has been strong and formidable throughout, the bowling probably may not the best in the world but has more than enough bite in it to do the job, same applies to their fielding. Both openers in the world have proved why they are one of the best opening pairs in the world by claiming top 2 spots in the leading run scorers. The team looks at ease every time they come to the show.

When these both teams meet today, an India win is expected to go by the statistical data, logic and many experts. But logic and stats don’t always in sports. Especially against Pakistan who are the most unpredictable side in cricket. That’s what makes Pakistan most dangerous opponent. It’s not the league game where the pressure is usually more on an underdog to win the points in the ladder. It’s the final punch and the winner gets it all where all your wins in the previous rounds become irrelevant if you get knocked out.

Expect this to be more thrilling drama than the one a fortnight ago! Let the best cricket team win!!

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