Is your job in danger?

Have you ever observed the trend in technology shift over the years? The technology has evolved drastically in last 40 years. We have seen many traditional human involved have jobs disappeared as a result. If we go back and find where it started it’s hard to pinpoint but we can easily recall some significant technology shifts which replaced the humans. Obviously, it created some other jobs while disposing of the existing jobs. That replacement not only put most of the traditional jobs in danger but also made human lives easier and less challenging.

Here are some examples…

  • Manufacturing companies like shoes, clothes, food etc. have replaced majority human jobs with the machines
  • The heavy lifting by humans got replaced by cranes
  • All the farming work has been replaced by all farming machines
human-less world

There are numerous examples like these. The technology in last 20-30 years has grown rapidly and will continue to grow even faster in coming years. The study from Oxford University shows that in next 20 years’ time 47% human jobs are at risks of getting replaced by technology that’s over 70 million. Funny thing that the robots and machines are created by us humans, now roaring to take over humans themselves. As a human, we have no chance to beat the machines or robots.  The way the world is moving today is going to create more and more technology based job and thus impacting a number of human jobs to go down heavily. This makes me think, is your job in danger?

The fact is that the machines or technology today can accomplish frequent and high-volume tasks. At the same time, machines can’t tackle humans when it comes to some unusual tasks as they can only perform work on the previously fed data into them. That is also set to change over the years. While we saw how technology has taken over human jobs in the past; we what is in the pipeline in years to come…

  • Cars will be driving autonomously which means no more driving jobs
  • The Google or Siri will be answering most of your questions which will minimise customer care jobs
  • The robots are picking and dropping the goods to and from the shelves in the warehouse and this means there won’t be any humans in the warehouse at all
  • A big store like Amazon has already invented the technology where you just go and pick up the items that you need and you will be billed automatically from your online Amazon account. This replaces a big human workforce in the retail shops
  • The courier deliveries would be performed by drones means no jobs for courier companies and its employees

The above-mentioned list is probably being just a tip of the iceberg. This list does state that your job is in danger. The businesses are happy accepting this change as the technology offers the wide range of benefits to them. Some of the advantages of this are….

  • The human efforts are minimised
  • The volumes are created in no time
  • Highest standard of same quality for millions of products
  • The machines can work 24/365 without any nonattendance
  • No penalty rates need to be paid to the machines

As petrifying, this may sound but there is a bright side to the coin. What we need to learn quickly is which jobs will be created due to the technology shift. We will have to keep up with technology to be in the job force. Gone are the days where the education we went through the school colleges was good enough for the whole lifetime. You will have to keep re-educating yourself to be in the job force. The internet is the future, and we must keep ourselves in touch with that. We are living in the era where learning while earning through current job has become an essential part of our lives.

This certainly does not by any means an end of the world for us. There will be still a lot of jobs which involves human interaction will exist although they will be less in numbers. There are numerous avenues the technology has created. The education that we learned certainly wouldn’t help us grow financially in the new era, but the education that we can get today online schools will. There are multiple ways to generate the income today and there are organisations who educate you in this. The new ways will be hard to digest and accept but that is the fact and we have to accept.

Is your job in danger? think about it!

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