Roger Ferderer Returns!

Federer in action

35-year-old Roger Federer, the widely appraised Swiss tennis player, released a letter on his official website regarding his participation in the French Open and preparation for Wimbledon.

As Federer ages, his career is undoubtedly towards its later years. In his released statement, Federer announced his decision to pull out of the French Open inĀ favour of ATP World Tour training, in which he proudly boasts 18 Grand Slam singles titles. Federer allegedly believes that “scheduling will be the key to [his] longevity” in the sports industry. Subsequently, Federer does prefer and sees more success on grass and hard-court surfaces–opposing to the clay court surface of the French Open.


As an older player, preparation for the clay court season could’ve easily overworked Federer and lessened his energy for performance at Wimbledon and other tournaments abruptly following the French Open. Hence, Federer and many critics wholeheartedly approve the player’s decision. Taking the risk of exhausting his body in efforts to fight for a title he’s won only once in his career is simply not worth it–focus and carefully choosing his battles, as Federer stated in his letter, are key elements to prolonging his tennis career.

Roger Federer has seen victory in Wimbledon seven times and is now transfixed upon success there. On top of Wimbledon, Federer will also focus on the US Open and other components of the ATP World Tour. In effect, Federer hopes that his choice to withdraw from the French Open will maximise his potential to claim more Grand Slam titles. Federer is acclaimed to be one of, if not the best tennis player of all time, and through this decision he can hopefully reap as many benefits as possible out of the remainder of his career. After returning from an injury to an outstanding season beginning, Federer’s focus and chances to win will lie in the ATP World Tour and his best major, Wimbledon.

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