Horror Story



This story is about an unusual twin sisters, Taylor and Taliyah. Usually, you would expect twins to be best friends, tell each other their secrets and always be together. But Taylor and Taliyah weren’t like that. In fact, the two sisters HATED each other. Well, Taylor hated Taliyah. Taliyah, however, wanted to be friends with Taylor and her “popular group”. The reason Taylor hated her is that Taliyah always got good grades and her parents would start comparing them two. Taylor would always have to just sit there and listen. Taylor’s response to this? Taking her anger out on Taliyah. She would tease Taliyah about not having any friends or always wearing black.

One day, Taylor was with her “popular” friends at a table when Taliyah walked by. ‘Hey, Taliyah why don’t you come join us?’ said Taliyah. Seeing this as an opportunity to bond with the group, Taylor went up to them. ‘Um… sure why not?’ she smiled shyly. ‘Cool, meet us at the cliff near the forest after school’ Emily, Taylor’s best friend, said with a smirk. Taliyah nodded her head in approval and walked off with the biggest grin on her face just as the bell rang.

Taliyah & Taylor
Unusual twins Taliyah & Taylor



I walked over to my next class with the biggest grin on my face. I can’t believe I was finally accepted into their group! This has been my BIGGEST GOAL. Just to be in that group with my sister. To be with the cool kids.

I continued to have a smile on my face throughout history. That smile faded when I was asked to stand up “Taliyah! You are the top student in this class! You are expected to be paying attention!” she had probably screamed her lungs out at me. “Yes, Miss Williams” I replied. She turned back to the board and I rolled my eyes as I sat down.

The school day went by slowly and when the final bell rang I rushed out of the class and to the forest. As I walked towards the cliff, I heard someone behind me. I paid no attention and sat down on the edge of the cliff with my legs hanging down to the deep abyss below.

“BOO!” I jumped up and almost fell off the cliff as someone scared me from behind. I turned my head and saw Taylor with Emily and her other friends behind her. “Oh my god you almost made me fall off Taylor!” I said jokingly. She helped me up with a kind smile on her face. But Taylor’s kind face quickly turned into an evil smirk. “Oops! I guess that was an accident…” she said. “but this won’t be… ” Emily said slowly while walking towards me. Now I was confused. “G-guys what’s h-happening” I stuttered. Emily lunged towards me and pushed me backwards. I

stumbled and fell.

I knew it was the end. Understood that they would have never accepted me into their group anyway. I saw my life flash before my eyes until I heard a crack and blacked out.



I heard the satisfying crack of Taliyah’s as she hit the ground below. We all high fived as our mission was over. Finally. Taliyah won’t be the loved one anymore. It will be me. Just me and my parents. I’ve wanted her dead since the day we were born. Now I have my vengeance. I will be worshipped!!

I walked home and as soon as I got in the house I hung my head and dragged my feet across the floor. My mother called out Taliyah’s name first like she always does. “Taliyah? Taylor?”. I ran towards her and jumped into her arms and started fake crying. “Taylor? What’s wrong? Where’s Taliyah and why are you crying?” she asked patting my head. I explained that we decided to take a walk through the forest and she wanted to go to the cliff but slipped and fell. My mother held me tight while a few tears dripped down her cheeks.

Taliyah was lifted out by a helicopter and we had her funeral a couple days later. Everything is great now. No parents comparing or Taliyah getting good grades anymore. Just me and my parents.

2 weeks later

I have been hearing these voices during night time at almost always midnight from the past 2 weeks since I came home from the funeral. The voices are a mixture of deep voices, high pitched voices, children’s voices and sounds I can’t even identify. It has been bothering me for the past few weeks saying random things like I’m at my grave… or I’m on the street…. Each day it keeps getting closer and I don’t know when it will stop I’ve tried to block it out by hiding under the blankets or putting my pillow over my head but it doesn’t work.

Tonight is the worst. I know it’s been coming closer. Last time it was at my door. Tonight it’s going to be under my bed.

12 am

I’m under your bed…. I can’t take it anymore. “WHO ARE YOU!” I scream out of frustration, anger and fright. The voices continue I’m under your bed… I’m under your bed…  I’m under your bed….

I have had enough of this. I go to look under my bed and swing my head off my pillow and look upside down into the darkness. Suddenly, everything goes black. I’M HERE…

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